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What's the Difference Between Spectra DG613 Pipe Laser and the Spectra DG813 Pipe Laser?

May, 26 2021

DG613 VS. DG813

Pipe lasers are a construction tool that provides grading calculations for sewer lines, linear pipe runs, wastewaters applications and more. Spectra Precision offers two pipe laser models, the DG613 and the DG813, that are both durable and accurate. Below is a guide to which model is the best choice for your pipe laying needs.

Comparison Between the DG613 and DG813 Spectra Pipe Lasers

Similarities of the DG613 and DG813 Spectra Pipe Lasers

The DG613 and DG813 pipe lasers are very similar. They both have grading capabilities from -12% up to +40%, a 500-foot range, and come with a 5-year warranty. Additionally, both pipe lasers come standard with a hard carrying case and remote that allows the user to change the laser's parameters without jumping into the hole.


Differences Between the DG613 and DG813 Spectra Pipe Lasers

There are two main differences between the DG613 and the DG813. First, the DG613 is available in both a red or green beam, while the DG813 is only available in a red beam. A more significant difference is the DG813 comes with a spot finder allowing the pipe laser to do grade matching. This handy feature saves time and money on the job site by enabling the user to work faster and more efficiently. 



What is Grade Matching? 

Automatic grade matching helps users lay pipes accurately and efficiently by automatically finding, calculating, and displaying the unknown slope between two elevations. Grade matching minimizes potential error and speeds up the measurement process.



If you don't need the grade matching, we recommend the DG613. It is an accurate and reliable pipe laser for pipe laying. However, if your job requires frequent grade matching, we recommend the DG813.